CORONA                Explosion Protection

Wherever the danger of explosion and overpressure in installation exist, where the violent chemical reactions and dynamic exothermic transformation occur – our experts are needed. So as to work could be performed safely.

CORONA Sp. z o.o was established since 1991. Over 20 year of activity, in such a responsible trade, which definitely is providing safety in industrial plants of increased risk, is a sufficient load of experience to become an expert.

The safety of human’s life and property of many domestic and foreign companies lies in our hands. Also we take care of surrounding environment’s safety. Our technologies and services are dedicated firstly to the most endangered industrial objects, such as chemical and petrochemical industry, gas and electrical power industry. However, wide range of products and services offered by CORONA could be successfully applied in other plants, like food industry, where the any kind of explosion risk is also generated.

CORONA Company Offert

Equipments’ Servicing (designing, calculations and supply with assembly and later maintenance):

  • Breather valves (reduction of over- and underpressure) with fire quenchers, in various configurations,
  • Spring or pilot-operated pressure relief valves,
  • Gear pumps dedicated to a wide range of adhesive medias,
  • Filters applicable in plastic processing,
  • Bursting discs,
  • Active systems of explosion protection (HRD),
  • Passive systems of explosion protection (back pressure flaps),
  • FlamQuench flameless explosion discharge system,
  • The assembly of explosion protective systems, including device and process installation conditioning on the purpose of setting up,
  • Providing the safety systems for particular appliances, as well as for whole plants, against the consequences of unexpected explosion.

Preparing documentation and technical support Services (audits):

  • The assessment of fire and explosion risk (also specialistic post-explosion audits),
  • The risk assessment of creating explosive atmospheres, due to presence of dusty environment (dust, powder, gases, vapors, liquids),
  • An explosion protection document,
  • Classification of areas being in danger of explosion,
  • Certification of machines working in hazardous areas, in accordance to ATEX directive,
  • Verification of the technical documentation on the purpose of devices’ and installation protection against the danger of explosion,
  • Cataloguing of process installation on purpose of the risk evaluation and providing protection against the explosion consequences,
  • Issuing an opinions and expertises, in relation to process safety at the Client’s plant,
  • Designing safety systems according to detailed requirements of protected plant,
  • Supervision over correctness and validity of existing safety systems,
  • Installation approval with particular focus on explosion safety aspects, according to Polish law,
  • SIL assessment,
  • PHA assessment,
  • HAZOP (also CHAZOP) assessment.



CORONA Service 

  • We cooperate with the most qualified experts from all over the Europe.
  • We represent the most reputable manufacturers
  • We implement pioneering projects related with protection against explosion.
  • We provide continuous of outputting.
  • We protect human’s life and health.