Ex Flame Arrester

Consequences of occurrence of small metal pieces like screw can be frightening, as the spark can be released. Destruction is a post-explosion image of installation, where potentially hazardous substances are transported. When a gas ignites, the flame spreads through pipeline with high speed, resulting in destroying all getting in the way of destructive force.

So the VALWO flame quencher was designed, which retains the flame cooling it down. 

Where the VALWO flame quencher should be employed?
Wherever hazardous liquids, gases and vapors are transported or stored flame quencher VALWO type should be installed, so as to minimize the risk at the very beginning. Using flame quenchers we protects plant, particular installation or – what is the most significant – human’s live. Equipping appliances of constant ignition source with flame quencher is advised. Tanks or mixers are equipped with breather valves, which may release hazardous agent and create an explosion atmosphere, so it is advised to install also flame quenchers.

Combining the flame arresters with breather valve (or only under-/over- pressure valves) provide solutions for every application.

Flame arresters belong to the group of passive protection systems, providing safety against deflagration and explosion. They do not comprise any movable parts. The basis of all flame arresteres is constructed of twisted and arranged metal plaits, respectively.



Every of gaseous media has its own characteristic, which parameters enable selection of appropriate metal plaits profile (through which a fire does not pass), so as to stifle and cool the fire down.  MESG (Maximum Experimental Safe Gap) is a parameter describing that – the biggest diameter of flame arrester’s mesh; flame arresters mesh diameter should be equal to or less than value stated for particular medium.

Also the height and length is significant. It should be properly calculated, as to absorb the heat of explosion. It provides gas temperature lower than self-ignition temperature, so everything behind the device will stay undisturbed. 

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