CORONA Service

The basis of a proper performance of all appliances is providing an adequate servicing. In case of products offered by CORONA the issue is of significant importance, as is connected directly with process safety.

As part of ours authorized service we provide:

  • Periodic inspections (conducting of CORONA’s and manufacturer’s inspection book, according to insurer’s requirements),
  • Instant removing of failures 24/7,
  • Replacement of worn components (we possess our own components magazine),
  • Technical partnership,
  • Modernization of plant, in accordance to technological innovations.

CORONA Service carries out maintenance and renovation as an authorized representative of following manufacturers:

  • VALWO’s breather valves (in a full range)
  • VALWO’s flame quenchers (in a full range)
  • FIKE’s active suppression and decoupling protection against explosion systems
  • FIKE’s passive protection against explosion systems
  • FIKE’s VENTEX type decoupling valves
  • Other decoupling valves or vents
  • CROSBY’s pressure relief valves
  • DUDEK’s and MAAG’s gear pumps

We are available to your disposition – just call our specialists.