Flameless offloading

Flameless offloading is a unique technology, to which it is possible to use passive explosion protection methods in a closed area and not only in open spaces.


Flame quencher FlameQuench II SQ

Flame quencher FlameQuench II SQ is the sole element, which can be combined with rupture panel. Flame quencher consists of stainless steel plaits which holes cool the fire down, so at the outlet we obtain only hot air and in distance of 2 meters the zone isn’t harmful to humans. The offer comprises special dedicated units (e.g. EleQuench is synchronized with bucket conveyors, so the assembly is simple).

Flame quencher Ele-Quench

FIKE designs simple and reliable solutions for explosion, due to fulfill all the requirements. Approximately, a half of grain dust explosions are initiated in bucket conveyors. FIKE elaborated a special flameless offloading EleGuard type, co-operating with bursting panels which is easily installed at head and boot section of bucket conveyor. Indoors (where explosion cannot be offloaded), we offer EleGuardem. FIKE’s Ele-Quench prevents from flame and product escape while explosion happens. Both Ele-Quench (flame quencher and filter at one) and Ele-Quench (flame quencher and bursting disc at one) may be mounted directly on a bucket conveyor. CORONA proposes design being in accordance to the newest NFPA, VDI standards and FM Global’s requirements.