EPD An explosion protection document

Fire safety instruction is a document presenting a set of technical and building, constructional, organizational and formal solutions of fire protection for particular object. The same role, but concerning explosion risk, meets EPD document.

EPD is based on results obtained from the assessment of explosion hazard (§ 7.1 of Minister’s of Economy regulation, PL) and it takes into account the explosion protection measures.


The document should comprise a description of the organizational and technical means of explosion protection, a list of hazardous areas (classified properly), required employer’s statements, deadlines for reviewing protective measures, etc.

The document is valid with the ordinance of Polish Minister of Economy; also ATEX directive related to national and international guidelines is taken into account.

CORONA is able to adapt NFPA recommendations, as its acquaintance is supported by substantial knowledge and co-operation with Fike Corporation. We provide broad consultation with insurers, FM Global and specialists from GIG Experimental Mine „BARBARA” and Chilworth included.

We ensure technical support, according to FM Global’s Data Sheets, Risk Assessment and adaptation of the plant considering insurer’s requirements.

The scope of work includes:

  • object, plants, processes and workplace analysis – everywhere explosion atmospheres may be formed
  • analysis of flammable substances involved – its physical and chemical, explosive properties, established in lab.
  • indication of zones endangered of explosion
  • Risk Assessment – description of steps takes and received results
  • technical support, including means of protection and equipment solutions delivery; selection of explosion mitigation measures, as decoupling and suppression systems (HRD or flame quenchers)
  • establishing the principles of a proper application of protection systems, its purposes and procedures of application.
  • establishing the protection system’s frequency of review, with particular dates


Legal Obligation

According to ATEX directive and regulation of the Polish Minister of Economy, from 8 July 2010 (on the minimum requirements, concerning occupational safety and health, related to the potential workplace explosive atmosphere ((Dz.U. 2010 nr 138 poz. 931))) the employer is obliged to provide an explosion protection document.