Transformer Protector – prevention from transformers explosion and fire

Transformer  – the device of significant importance to processing safety
Transformers are considered by specialists of risk assessment and insurance companies, as the most critical device employed in the whole plant. It is justified by a large amount of cooling oil being in contact with elements under high voltage.
Catch in a law and world’s market globalization caused worrisome decrease in quality of newly manufactured transformers.
Many specialists report that their durability lowers and a number of reported failures increases.  

Prevention from transformers explosion and fire is of high priority, as:

  • worldwide energy manufacturers and transporters privatization programs caused decline in investment
  • a higher durability and performance is required to compete on world’s market. It results in apparatus aging and transformers overloading.

Transformer Protector (TP) – explosions avoidance

A very first pressure spike activates TP before a static pressure (static pressure – a value of pressure which opens explosion vents; which is higher than safe pressure value) increases. TP is a mechanical device, it do not involve servomotor, which passes an information to controlling unit. When a hazard of oil ignition occurs, a protection against fire starts, according to procedures shown at „Consequences of short electric circuit” scheme.

Benefits of employing a Transformer Protector

As far as explosion and fire are concerned, financial consequences are mostly of the order of hundreds of million dollars. So a TP is highly recommended by specialists of risk assessment and insurance providing companies.

When failure occurs, insurance recompenses up to 1000 times multiplied the value of investment expenditures.

  • A breaks in electric energy supplying and involved costs are lowered
  • A fire of cooling oil and surrounding units is prevented
  • A repair of transformer after a short electric circuit is enabled
  • An environment pollution is prevented
  • Human’s life is protected
  • Company’s reputation is improved 

SERGI Transformer Protector

SERGI Transformer Protector is a French company with more than 60 years of transformer protection experience. Research done by SERGI on physical phenomena leading to explosion. It resulted in  designing and manufacturing Transformer Protector (TP).

Since 1990 SERGI is world’s leader in providing explosion and fire protection devices. Transformer Protector is a reliable and tested solution to be employed to avoid fires and explosions of transformers, due to short circuit formation. The protection is realized due to fast discharge of oil to an independent tank. Control box  of TP launches alarm to manual or automatic activation of nitrogen injection.

TP is a type of passive mechanical protection system, which may be employed with any oil transformer over 1MVA.

From May 2016 we exactly cooperate with SERGI Transformer Protector company.