Fike Corporation was established since 1945, USA.

The headquarter is places at Blue Springs, Missouri. From the beginning company was focused on implementation of industrial explosion and fire protection systems, based on gained experience. Since that time, many branches have been launched all over the world (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Japan, Brazil, India, Bahrain, Malaysia.

In Poland, official representative of Fike is CORONA Sp. z o.o. The most recognized Fike products are rupturę panels and bursting disc (explosion offloading), active protection systems against explosion (HRD/SRD) and passive – such as flame quenchers (flameless offloading) or other modern solutions as pinch valves or fast activating valves. Common feature of all the equipment is, beside increasing the level of safety, significant increase of economic aspects – lowering the exploitation costs.

CORONA company offers delivery, full servicing all FIKE’s units. Products have all needed approvals and certificates, ATEX included

Active explosion protection systems

Explosion-proof system which detects explosion at the first stage its formation. Thanks to transmitters the information about pressure rise and explosion formation is captured by controlling unit.  Eventually it gives an order to activate mechanical or powder barriers, which prevents explosion propagation.


Passive explosion protection systems

Explosion relief consists in taking out explosion effects (mainly pressure), through a venting system, outside the protected device.